Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Women's Day! -- with Cthulhusaurus

Ok, just a quick post now cos I want to get this up for Women's Day.
As I explained, Cthulhusaurus is a combination of T Rex and Cthulhu, loosely based on this image. Being an elder god, Cthulhusaurus is genderless. It is, however, pink and wears ribbons in it's hair*. Naturally if an elder god/giant carnivore mix decides to wear ribbons, it's best not to argue.

So yes, I thought this would be a fun little project with interesting gendery consequences. The design is relatively simple -- it's made of a main body, a pair of legs, and a head, with the coloured strips being knit and sewn on later, and the arms are (mostly) i-cord.
I'm not totally convinced the head is the right size -- I usually make heads too small, so this time I aimed really big, and may have overdone it. I love how the frilly strips came out, they add just the right dash of colour and interest.
Possibly the hardest part was the bow -- there's an extra flap knit on the head for this to tie on to, which was nice and simple, but tying the thing turns out to be *way* harder than I'd imagined.

So yes, I'm rather happy about this :o) I should really take it out for some better pictures in the sun, but as I say, wanted to get this up today.
Happy IWD, everyone!