Sunday, September 18, 2011

I aten't dead!

I haven't posted for *ages*, and was recently reminded that I really should.  So -- I haven't been knitting much lately following some pretty dramatic happenings in my life, which mean I don't have a lot of spare time lately.  That and forgetting to take pictures of things.
I have done some stuff though:
  • I made a collection of rockets for a friend's baby, who was born 50 years and a day after mankind first made it to space.  There was a US Saturn 5, the USSR's Soyuz rocket, and the ESA's Arianne.  The Saturn 5 was the hardest to do, because there's so little distinctive shaping to it. But I forgot to take pictures, and hopefully (because all good baby toys should be) they'll've been heavily mauled by now and not too photogenic.
  • Something decidedly NSF-blog-posting for (the awesome) Kate J.  I may put photos on Ravelry at some point, where there's a little more privacy.  I'd quite like to write a pattern for that one too.
  • The Little Prince!  I read the Little Prince recently(-ish), and was very struck by one of the pictures, in which he's wearing this very flamboyant outfit, so I wanted to knit that.  I've got just about all the pieces done, but the sewing up is going to be a pain, so I've been putting it off.  I love how that shaping turned out, which is part of why I don't want to rush sewing up.
In other news, I recently obtained a Kindle, and they're totally the future of how to read knitting patterns, particularly since PDF seems to be the standard format for Ravelry patterns, so all of those can go on it.

So yes, that's me.  I'm not likely to have much to post for a while, but I will try to write something here from time to time.  Hope you've all had a good summer!