Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lobster mittens

This project may be a bit self-explanatory.
They're influenced by these:
Duck booties
And a general love of animal clothing.
Whenever I where mittens, I find I have to adjust to the different types of hand movement they allow - you have to get used to moving your hand as a whole, and you can't use your fingers in the same way.  This means you end up developing a totally different way of handling objects.  So, with these mittens I thought with these mittens it'd be fun to play with this idea a bit.

Since you have to get used to this different style of movement, these mittens mean you also get to pretend you're a lobster!
The design is aimed to be slightly subtle, just a matter of shaping- The main section decreases from the outside, and the thumb is pointed and to the inside and extends a way beyond the end of the thumb.
They're fun to wear, not entirely impractical (you have to be careful with the thumb part), and you get to whoop like Dr Zoidberg!