Sunday, July 1, 2007

Bearding the lion

I'm quite excited about the lion project just now. The current status is that after some fiddling about making it look right I've settled on a pattern I like - it's nice and simple, but I think it keeps enough of the shape to we quite recognisable.

These pictures are from when I was designing the head - the top picture is my first attempt, which I decided was a bit too pointy and snout-like, the second is the one I settled on - it's a little shorter and has a bit more of a round muzzle. In these pictures they're both held together with dpns awaiting stuffing, and of course, the all-important mane. I've done a little of this now, and am very happy with how it's turning out. I decided to tie the threads on the inside, this seemed the quickest way to do this. I nifty side effect is that since the lengths or the threads are only done roughly, once it's all put together I'll need to give it a hair cut :o) That should make it possible to make the different lions quite varied too, so they're not all identical.

More pictures once the first lion is finished!


miya^^ said...

are some going to be sitting down? different poses?


Jhadur said...

I think sitting down would be difficult, you'd really need two joints and the legs are only ten rows long.
I was thinking I could vary the colours of the manes a bit, have different ones dominating more, and the eyes should give them slightly different expressions. If I knit the eyes I can give them different coloured pupils too.