Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sitty knitty(II)

More cows!
Here's the second, sitting, cow. The body is the same as the first one, the legs are the only major change. It took several attempts and a suprising amount of cow-research to come up with a leg shape I was happy with. Apparently when cows sit, they fold they took their hooves up underneath them, rather like cats do. I found it was very hard to come up with a geometrically accurate way to make this shape, so in the end I settled for making the foot part nice and thin and folding it. It's not a very elegant solution, but I didn't want to overcomplicate a tiny detail unnecessarily.

So there they are! What do you think, do they look cow-like? I'm not entirely sure. I've had suggestions of mouse, pig and hippo.
Also, the sitting cow has smaller horns than the standing one. This is because she's going to be turned into a female cow at some point, so they can be a little cow-couple. Since this phase of the project was aimed towards writing a pattern, that'll be a project for the future though.



Sarah said...

All I can say is Wow!! The Sitting Cow is amazing. I really look forward to seeing the pattern.

miya^^ said...

i like the standing cow from the front - it is quite the resemblance...although i'm not sure what it's doing next to a huge hamster ... :) it looks like the heads are different sizes, the sitting cow having a bigger head and not much of a neck - is that the photo/lighting etc?...hence the hamster-like appearance...the legs are good though!


Jhadur said...

Well, the heads are the same size, but in the first picture the standing cow is a bit further back.
After some discussing with Sarah we decided the sitting cow needs some shoulders. I think the cow I was modelling it on had it's head dipped down, which made the shoulders less prominent. It kinda works for the standing cow, but the posture doesn't really make sense if it's sitting down.