Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Squid purse completed!

Hi folks!
I've finished making the Vampire Squid from Hell purse, so here we go with some pictures. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, particularly the way the bottom of the cloak ruffles up, and something about the shape of the body really makes me think 'squid', I think possibly it's how the eyes are placed relative to the fins.
Also, when it's wrapped up, it really doesn't look like anything in particular, which, again, I'm very pleased with, it makes it all the more suprising when you undo it and suddenly you have a squid.

I did take a few liberties with the shape to make this work better:
When the vampire squid wraps it's cloak over it's head, I think it doesn't cover the whole body - it leaves the top open so it can do bioluminescence tricks with photophores(which look like eyes) on the top. For the purse the cloak is a bit longer so that it can close properly.
The fins, I think, are squarer on the real vampire squid. I changed them to be more swept back to give it more of a squidy feel*, although I think this shape is really borrowed from a differnt kind of squid.
The biggest change though, is the eyes - I used amber teddy-eyes, where the original eyes are little pale milky blue spheres, with no features at all. You could probably do this better with some kind of beads, or possibly just stitching on a couple of baby blue spots, but I wasn't sure they would be recognisable as eyes. It might be worth trying though, I really like the original's eyes, they look so innocent and out of place!

The big problem I had was with the cloak - I wanted the tentacles to be cabled, but since they don't move across the fabric there was no easy way to do this. It would have been possible to cable back and forth by one stitch, so it wouldn't move much, but I didn't like that idea. Instead I worked increases down one side and decreases on the other, something like
Kfb, slip 1 to cable needle, K2, slip 1 back from cable needle, P1

Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to give quite the same tension as normally cables, so they don't stand out as much as I'd like(although this might just be to do with the yarn I used). So you can't really see the tentacles on the right side. To correct this, I'd like to make a second version in which the tentacles are just ribbed. This would mean making the rest of the cloak reverse stocking stitch, but perhaps the change of texture will suit it. It will definitely make the whole thing a lot quicker and easier to knit, the cables seemed to take forever.
Sadly I still don't know what to do with one squid-purse, let alone two. I was thinking it would make a good dice-bag for roleplaying types, or something along those lines.

Also, it's been suggested** that when the vampire squid wraps itself up, it looks kinda like it's trying to disguise itself as a pumpkin. So here we have the world's first lol-hellsquid:

Happy knitting o/

* - Thanks Stephanie!
** - Thanks Clare!


Paris is burning! said...

lol. I love this blog.

Paris is burning! said...

I especially loved the baby in the cardy.

Jhadur said...

Aw, thank you!
Actually, I'm planning another baby cardy just at the moment - although not nearly as geeky as that one.
I wonder what else I could put equations on? Cos the Navier-Stokes equation is just crying out to be knitted onto *something*...

Mair said...

one could plot a graph of procrastination time over time, marking peaks at the point of discovering a new procrastination site, followed by an immediate drop almost to pre-discovery levels, and then a gradual climb in procrastination levels using the new site, until throwing one's arms up and swearing off it forever, with a brief phase of work before repeating the cycle...

... so I've deactivated my facebook acount ...

though, it's annoyingly easy to reactivate.

presumably one could put equations on anything, but is there something particularly apt for the Navier-Stokes equation? A ... tea cosy?

Jhadur said...

Hey Mair!
Yeah, I noticed you leaving Facebook- actually seeing you do that made me think that maybe I should do the same. I used to only turn it on when it sent me an email notification about something, but I've got a lot worse lately.
I don't want to deactivate it entirely, I think there's lots of things it's very useful for, but I think I need to decide exactly what I want to use it for and stick to that.

Will you still be around IRC from time to time? Hope us Edinburgh folks still get to keep up with you :o)

And ooh, tea-cozy... I *do* have another teapot which could use a cozy...