Thursday, November 13, 2008


Ok, just a quick post cos I realise I haven't written anything here for months.
So, I decided to make some roses for a rose-loving friend. I had a fiddle around with a couple of rose patterns, particularly a nifty one from Knittiana which involved twisting your knitting to form petals(I love that about knitting - that whatever you can possibly do wrong, someone somewhere will have found a use for). But I couldn't make them come out how I wanted, they all looked kinda rose-ish, rather than actually like a rose.

Then I came across a great crochet pattern for them from RS Island crafts, which was very simple and turned out really well. I haven't done much crocheting, so I was very impressed with how well this turned out, and heartily recommend the pattern.
I did have some trouble with the sewing up, particularly attaching the stems to the flowers, but that's probably me just now knowing how to sew.

So yep, there's some roses! Should be getting back to posting soon, I have a project or two underway that I've been too busy to blog yet.

Happy knitting!

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