Saturday, February 21, 2009

Black Lagoon

Hey again.

So, a quick silly new project I should blog about. This one is kinda an in joke, so bear with me.
Lately the local anime society has been watching the series "Black Lagoon". It's very much an over the top action programme, and... to say I dislike it would be something of an understatement. Usually with bad series I'm happy to accept their flaws and look for something positive, but there's something about Black Lagoon which somehow I find totally infuriating.
During one of out after-anime discussions*, one of the anime folks suggested that given the silliness of the series, they should really have an episode about "a tank which is also a giraffe". And... that struck me as such a great image that I decided I *had* to knit one.
So that's the plan, to knit a tank which is also a giraffe. After playing with some ideas, I decided the best way to do this would be to make a simple tank body, then replace the turret with the neck and head of a giraffe. Fortunately, I already had a giraffe pattern to hand from my safari adventures last year, and the body was a very simple shape, so it's come along nice and quickly. (Actually I'm cheating a little - it's more or less finished, modulo some possible finishing touches I may add, but I thought I should blog the design up first anyway).

And remember kids, Black Lagoon - just so no.
Pictures soon!

* - more accurately, my latest rant about it's total disregard for physics, plot, character design and/or common sense.


Graeme said...

So now I'm imagining the tank battle from the end of Ghost in the Shell with a woolen giraffe. It's rather less cinematic...

Jhadur said...

Heh, that would be awesome, the thermo-optic camoflage flickers and fades and there it stands...

Then again, I'm not sure it would be any more silly than the tachikomas.