Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cthulhu toy

I'd kinda forgotten about this one - I made a little stuffed Cthulhu toy for local geek, and knitter, Rachel, and her imminent Norggling(I checked, this is apparently the approved term). It was a little ad hoc project, made up of nice simple shapes and largely made up as I went along.

Design-wise, the arms and legs have little sloped tops made with short rows which allow them to attach nicely to the body, and I'm very happy with how these turned out. The head is the most complicated part, it is knit as a ball down to the mouth, then you knit a few i-cords to form the first layer of tentacles. After re-joining and knitting a few more rows, there are a second row of slightly larger tentacles. All of the tentacles have short rows included to make them a bit messy and disheveled, they naturally don't lie flat.
I did toy with the idea of making a mouth-pouch to fit in between the two rows of tentacles, so that he could 'eat' things, but I'm not sure how child-able that would be. I experimented with a couple of different kinds of eyes - I had planned to use amber teddy bear eyes, but these green cat's eyes somehow really suited him, so I stuck with those. The wings are based on the design from the Cupid Panda, and again I was very happy with how the 'feathers' turned out. I like too how spiky the tops of them look, it gives them a nice evil feel.

The thing I like most about this though is the way the proportions all came together. The wings somehow add a kind of balance to the whole thing, and there's something about the big limbs which makes it just very huggable. The big problem was that the yarn was really too thin for the needles, so that when it's stuffed it's a bit see through and looks a bit thread-bare.

So yeah, there we have a cute little Cthulhu, all ready to set about indoctrinating the next generation of geeklets(I do love the idea of geek children, growing up with all this kind of stuff just being *normal* :o) ). And best wishes to Rachel, to Norgg, and to their coming Norggling!

Hugh :o)


MadeleineS said...

One of the best knitted Chthulhus I've seen, Hugh. It looks much more "fluid" and less knitted than most.

Anonymous said...

You mean like my kids? My Cthulu was crocheted from someone else's pattern, and looks a lot more "chibi" than yours. I think it might be a bit too "ordinary" for my kids to be interested. They used to have matching baby cthulu t-shirts.

Jhadur said...

Ooh, maybe there should be a whole series of Cthulhus, starting with a little chibi one for very young children and getting steadily more grotesque and elaborate as they grow up?

(Also, I should totally finish the set of Totoros I was making ages ago..)

Heather said...

So cute! I can't believe you made that up as you went - very very cool ^-^

Jhadur said...

Thanks! It's really surprisingly simple, it's mostly a series of tubes, other than the head and the wings.

lauren said...

now, can you tell me where i can find this pattern? is it here, and i'm just blind, or no?