Friday, August 14, 2009

Unrelated geekery...

Hi folks! Haven't posted anything here for far too long -- I really need to get down to finishing off some projects. And taking photos of hats. So, should do some of that soon, but in the meantime I really wanted to post this.
It's a project of local geek Bob, and while it's not technically knitted, it is certainly geeky and extremely awesome:

This was a Triumph

Not much I can say about it other than "wow". So, wow!
And since I'm posting this, I should really put up a link to this too:

Huge success

Awesome, awesome craftiness. Enjoy!


miya^^ said...

i don't really get the cake thing, but it *is* awesome!

miya^^ said...

and i think i'm going to have a chance to start blogging again! finally :)

Jhadur said...

Have you played Portal at all? That's kinda required for these things to make sense.
Failing that, go youtube "still alive". On second thought, youtube it anyway, it's an awesome song :o)