Thursday, October 22, 2009

More than one Wug.

Hi folks.
I've got a strange little project to describe today. A psycholinguist friend was telling me about an experiment called the Wug test, the aim of which is to get children of various ages to form a plural of 'wug', a fictitious animal, among other things. You can see scans of the original images here. You can also buy merchandise, if you're that way inclined.
Aside from being pretty cute, they're fun little nonsense monsters, and they have the weird property that you're not allowed to talk about them in the plural. So, this is the plan -- I'm going to knit a Wug. Then I'll knit another Wug. Then I'll have two of them. I'll probably knit up one or two of the other monsters, which have the other plural sounds.
The patterns will be quick, simple, and prominently feature googly eyes, since they make everything cute.

This is in no way as weird as a psychology experiment having a line of merchandising. Geeks!


miya^^ said...

you sure it's not a bird looking up? :)

miya^^ said...

btw. i've started blogging again. i thought i had nothing to write about as well :P

Clare said...

Woohoo! The wug has its day. Linguistics knit geeks (and there are many) shall be pleased. :)

Anna said...

I've never heard of this test before, but that's adorable: I look forward to the pattern!st

Jhadur said...

Miya: Yay for more blogging! Also yay for crazy crochet, I need to do more of that. Also amigurumi -- I absolutely *have* to take that up.

Clare: Did you know american-classicist-guy Richard is not a linguist too? I told him about this, and he was *very* excited :o).

Anna: Thanks! I hadn't really planned to write up a pattern (they'll be *really* simple), but if people are interested it wouldn't take long.

Eve said...

Hey, I'd love to see a pattern for your wug if you don't mind!