Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dennou Coil

Right, the first attempt at the Seifert surface is done, and is now languishing while I try to work my camera. In the meanwhile, here's another quick project:

Dennou Coil is an anime series we've been watching at our animation society. It's based around a group of children playing with augmented reality glasses. The glasses have lots of useful functions, they act as phones and maps, as well data functions and virtual pets. It's a lovely, well thought-out series with great characters and a nice level of quirkiness.
One of the quirks is a piece of anti-virus software which crops up a lot, named "Satchi" (short for "Searchmaton"). This is embodied as a large pink blob with a happy smiling face, which tries to reformat everything suspicious it comes across. In the context of the series Satchi is supposed to be quite scary, since he's quite indiscriminate in his formatting, and the children spend most of their time playing with bugs in the game so they're usually in the firing line.

So, I'm planning to knit a Satchi. The structure is fairly simple -- he has a pink blobby body, with a smiley face design at the top. He has two large, spindly grey `hands', and four spheres embedded in his front. I'm hoping to make the spheres removable (in the series they can detach and move autonomously), but I'm not sure how the fastening for that will work, so they may have to be fixed.

Boku Satchi!

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