Thursday, November 11, 2010


Quick post today, and indeed, quick knitting.
Local geek Ayla collects ball-jointed dolls and asked me if I might make some knitted accessories for them. I know almost nothing about ball-jointed dolls, probably limited to:
  • They have ball-and-socket joints, which allow them to articulate in human-like ways
  • They're popular in parts of asia, which seems to lead to them being linked to anime and anime culture
  • If you love them too much they will gain a soul and come to life.
I made up a couple of quick things -- a ribbed scarf and a little shawl. It's fun, they're very quick and simple. Here they are modelled by Leona:

I really like how the scarf works, she looks very warm in it. I'm not too convinced about the shawl though, it looks a bit too heavy and warm to really work as a shawl.

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