Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Ok, next geeky project - to knit the glove puppet Beelzenef from Ouran High. Yay anime geekery!

Ouran High School Host Club is an anime comedy series about a... slightly eccentric high school for the (slightly eccentric) children of rich and famous families. One of it's members is Nekozawa, the son of a family with a dark and mysterious past, who is president of the school's black magic society. He carries with him, at all times, a cat glove puppet named Beelzenef, who may be some kind of a familiar, and may be a family heirloom(I'm a little shaky on the detail).
So, always keen to knit evil or sinister things, I was wanting to try knitting a Beelzenef, and when a friend mentioned he was considering cosplaying as Nekozawa at a nearby anime convention, I volunteered this as part of his costume.

Knitting-wise, this will be largely a modified mitten, with a thumb on each side to function as arms, and two cones added at the top as ears. For the final version I'll intarsia the eyes and mouth.


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