Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The first Cthulhu mitten

Here we have the first of the two Cthulhu mittens!
I'm really happy with how the run parts came out, and the little raised bands look really good. There was a bit of a problem with miscalculating the lengths of the two sides which meant the thumb had to be moved a bit higher up than I'd planned, but I think this works well, it stops the wrist from stretching the band of runes.

The seams are really not good though, and they don't lie straight. I think that's because I sewed them all wrong, and I'll probably have to take it apart and do this again properly, if only to match the second one which I'm expecting to sew better.

Also, I'm still planning to add a couple of highlights at the end - I'm going to duplicate stitch the little circle at the centre and a couple of the runes on the wrist in red. I'm hoping that'll add some... something to the design, but I'm starting to be less sure, because I'm really quite keen on how they're looking already.


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miya^^ said...

Are you sure red will go...I can't see it myself. they do look good as they are!

Also when i made mittens for the first time i found that i sewed the first one quite roughly and re-did once i realised how much better it could be done by using the mattress stitch. Sewing is quite finickety, but i think it's worth it seeing as you spend most of the time trying to get the pattern right and it always seems like it's taking longer to do the extra sewing but it's probably the least time consuming part of the whole thing.^^ Good job :) Do the runes have any significance?