Sunday, April 1, 2007

Cable jumper

I finally finished my cabley-heart jumper!
The idea behind it was to use cables as part of a design, rather than just a pattern. I think it's using the same sort of idea as this, although vastly less complicated.
The colours I'm not entirely happy with, I was originally planning it to be quite a bit lighter, and with a lot less contrast between the two colours, so that the panel would come out quite subtle and not too eye-catching, but finding a colour which would fit with the main colour and not be pink proved difficult.
There were a couple of technical issues that came up - first, working the 'twists' to make the cables move apart and together, there's a question of whether the purl stitches outside the cable(which make it stand out) should be cabled too - I decided they should be, which makes my cables effectively five stitches wide and with a bit of a crease so they won't stand up. It's really not ideal. The alternative is to leave them alone, in which case the outside edge of the gutter would not be a continuous column any more, it would have to gain and lose stitches from the other side, which I think would leave a bit of a ragged boundary. I'm not sure how much that'd show up. I guess a third possibility would be to use increases and decreases in the gutter part to make them move - put an increase in the trailing edge and a decrease on the leading and it should move across a stitch. I don't know, I'd have to try it. Does anyone know how to do this?

Another problem was the coloured panel. Because stitches from inside the panel need to be cabled to outside the panel, the different thread sometimes showed through where the cable stitch was going to. This would probably be much less of a problem if the contrast between the two wasn't so strong. It might also be solved by fixing the first problem, so there wasn't so much pressure on these stitches in the first place. Again, I don't know, and advice would be helpful?
Still, there's a lot I like about it, and it was great fun making a big project.



miya^^ said...

Jeez, that looks like it must've taken ages! I like the use of the cable...but i'm not entirely convinced by the use of the purple. i'm thinking i should totally be a copycat and start a knit blog :) what do you think?


miya^^ said...

check out me knit blog at:

:) miya^^