Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hopf link/torus family

The torus family consists of interlocking blue and pink tori(the parents), and a small white baby torus.

So, mathematically, the 'parent' tori form a Hopf link In maths, a knot is an embedding of a circle into space, the point being that you can arrange your circle in such a way that no amount of stretching it about can transform it into the standard circle, without making one part of the circle pass through another. A link is a generalisation of this idea, in which you have more than one circle. The basic problem is then to decide whether or not it's possible to seperate them.

I made a set of these once before, which are currently living with my older sister.
This time around, I decided to elongate them a bit, that makes them more moveable and you can put them into more positions(in the first set, you could spin them both round, but the whole in the middle was about the size as the thickness of the other torus, that was all)
Aren't they cute?


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