Sunday, April 22, 2007

Yoda hat

So, the idea was to make a silly hat for a friend who goes by the nickname Yoda.
To do this, I took Knitty's Coronet hat design, and added on some ears. The ears are just triangular pieces, but they're sewed on curling round at the edges. This makes them stronger, so they don't flop over, as well as being more ear-like. What do you think, are they the same shape as Yoda's?

Bad things - the ears are still not very strong, so you can make them stay out but I doubt they'll stay up long when it's actually worn. Possibly smaller needles for them would have made them more rigid. And if you look closely you'll see a big seam on the cable band right in the middle - that should be at the back, but foolishly I've sewn the ears on backwards. D'oh. Of course the *biggest* problem is that it took me four months to get round to sewing it together :o/
But I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and I think the ears turned out far better than I could expect, given that they're really just triangles.
Now I just need to track Yoda down to give her her new hat!


miya^^ said...

i like the fancy cabling. it's very cute. it reminds me of a viking-y type hat which i saw at a fancy dress party, which had horns on it. i think it is a fairly good likeness, except Yoda's ears look like they are a bit longer and point up. i think you can get away with this quite easily by the fact the hat is in essence female having been created for a female Yoda-ette as it were :) toodles

Cactusneedles said...

That's so cool. My Star Wars geeks would love that.